Three different Dark Ivy Gold color vinyl paints

Hello all. I have a '68 XR7 with 6G Dark Ivy Gold interior (per Marti). The original color of interior components appear more dark green without a metallic sheen. I purchased a repro upholstery kit because the old seat coverings were beyond repair. The new upholstery kit arrived and the vinyl has a metallic sheen in the dark green. There was only one choice for a Dark Ivy Gold upholstery kit and they took many months to arrive, so not returning them.

Has anyone ever seen any 6G Cougar with metallic sheen Dark ivy Gold colored door trim panels and quarter trim panels?

Back in 68 did Ford or Mercury offer Dark Ivy Gold interiors in both non-metallic and metallic sub-options?

There are three different ‘Dark Ivy Gold’ SEM vinyl paint in rattle cans available:
VP-5795 Dark Ivy Gold Metallic
VP-15644 Dark Ivy Gold Metallic
VP-15854 Dark Ivy Gold

Maybe the metallic versus non-metallic is a Mustang versus Cougar thing.

I am wondering if my original dark green trim panels will look strange next to metallic Dark Ivy Gold seats or if I should paint the trim panels metallic Dark Ivy Gold.

I can’t say I have seen the metallic accents on the 6G interior probably because I have not restored one with that interior. I have restored a couple of '68 XR-7 cars with the 6B interior and the blue definitely has a hint of metallic if the vinyl is not sun baked. On original panels I have tried to duplicate the sheen by spraying them with a fine mist of pearl paint - no color except the pearl.

My door and back seat panels definitely have a slight gold metallic sheen.

I have a’69 XR7 with the dark Ivy Gold. Seems a dark green to me. Will be selling the seats soon (core or leather pieces). Don’t know if it is the same as '68 color.

Hey do ypu still have the dark ivy gold seats?