Tilt Away Column Leak

Hello All,

So I’ve been trying to figure out where I am getting this hot blast of air from the engine compartment on the drivers side. I’ve pulgged every hole from the fire wall and used a light in the engine compartment to see if there are any I missed. Everythign is plugged. Yesterday I noticed that the air is coming directly below the steering column. Turns out, it is coming from the area where the tilt away mechanism is. It’s amazing how much air is coming from this area. It shere a seal oo somethign that is supposed to prevent this? I can’t imagine they came like this from the factory.

67 GT

There should be an inner seal between the shaft and the outside tube on the bottom. I could not find one so I think I used the foam from a swim noodle.

That seal is made from foam rubber and it usually dissolves.

Steering column inner seal

Is column disassembly required to install it?

No. If you do not have power brakes you can cut one side and slip it in the end of the column. It’s going to disappear in the next ten years so you may need to figure on replacing it then.

Thanks everyone. I looked and yep, the iend of my column tube has nothing in it. I have a laser cutter and will cut one out of some foam rubber I have.