Tilt away column

I just acquired a tilt away column and am looking to rebuild it. I haven’t received it yet, so condition other than complete is unknown. Are these columns convertible to normal relays and modernized vacuum modulation, or does everything about it need to stay standard? I don’t know anything about these awesome features, but can’t wait to get at it. Any tutorial videos or manuals available would be greatly appreciated. Thx

West Coast Classic Cougar has a good video series on YouTube for this. I’ve had several rebuilt by Tony Augustine who is the expert. The tilt away cable is generally dried out and won’t allow the column to swing without being serviced.

Is there contact info for Tony? I have a column I want to add to my 67, but would like it gone through first.

Sent you a PM with his cell #.

Sweet information. Really, I am excited about getting into this thing when the time is available. Haven’t taken it out of the shipment pack yet. You know, when you get ahold of something special, you want to be able to have the pieces in place if needed. I appreciate the call out to WCCC. There is so many things they’ve been able to provide for the car, couldn’t have been done without 'em.