Tilt Steering Column Repair Question

OK…so the tilt/tilt-away steering column in my '67 GT has a of couple issues which may, or may not be related. The main issue is that the steering wheel itself will suddenly “tilt” down without using the turn signal switch if enough pressure is inadvertently applied to the top of the wheel. The amount of pressure it takes to do that seems much too light to me. Feels like a stripped gear of some sort…I’m no expert on the inner workings so I would love some advice.

The second issue is with the tilt-away feature. It actually works quite well, but to get the wheel to actually “tilt-away” sometimes, I have to give the wheel a little tap or poke right at the bottom of the wheel. As I said, the system itself seems to work well, it just needs a little help sometimes.

Thoughts, steering experts…?

WCCC has several great videos on the tilt-away steering columns.
To answer your question to the quick… it needs a rebuild.

Yeah, I was afraid of that…

WCCC and a few Cougar enthusiasts do the rebuilds. I had Tony Augustine do my 68 tilt-away columns. They looked like new when I got them back.

It most likely just needs our repair pins. It is common for them to work their way out, just follow the easy steps on our video

I have not watched Don’s video, but typically you can fix this problem just by pushing the pin back in place. Like Don says they just get dislodged over time. Take the wheel off, pull the cover, and it will be really obvious what needs to be done. I suspect the video will help a lot.

Thank you gentlemen…I will proceed as advised.

There can be several things wrong with your tilt mechanism. But I bet one or both of the pins have slipped out of position. You can push them back in but I would suggest buying the improved pins from Don. I did. The pins are a little bit longer and they have retaining clips on each end of the pins so they won’t ever slip out again. Great investment.

I appreciate the advice. Thank you for your time.