Tilt tilt away directional turn signal switch color codes

So I bought a tilt tilt away column and I bought a new directional turn signal switch for a tilt tilt away column from West Coast classic cougars upon trying to put the wires in the connector in the right order I found that I have a solid blue wire and a purple with a yellow stripe could not find the green wire that is supposed to go next to the light blue wire supposed they use the dark blue wire with no stripe as the green wire with no stripe I do have a green wire with a white stripe with the old column plugged into the directionals the directionals work with the new column tilt tilt away and the new directional turn signal switch the turn signals do not work wondering if I put the wires in in the correct order was going to take off the steering wheel to see what the purple with yellow stripe goes to to see if it replaces the blue with the yellow stripe however in the current configuration the turn signals do not work I am at a loss as I have found schematics on Google I have talked to somebody that rebuilds tilt away columns they have looked at my pictures and think that I have a bad turn signal switch but this is a brand new switch from West Coast classic cougars I guess it could happen but I think that the problem is most likely that I don’t have the wires in the connector in the right configuration I was told by Don to contact classic cougars forum for help I was told that Vic yarbough answers the emails personally I remember buying the directional turn signal sequential computer from Vic sometime ago but as I say the new directional turn signal switch today I installed in my tilt tilt away column is not making the turn signals work the old switch with the broken tab does make it work trying to trace the problem any suggestions would be appreciated

The two plugs (car end and column end) have different wiring colour configurations.

I am looking for the color coded wires coming out of the column going into the plug and how they are arranged in the plug my old column plug turns on my directionals my new directional turn signal switch that I purchased from West Coast classic cougars for a till tilt away column are not turning any lights on maybe I have one of the wires wrong in the plug I’m not sure I followed all the maps that I could find my light blue and yellow wire became a purple and yellow wire half the thickness of the original wire I have consulted with somebody in Missouri that works on tilt columns and they think that I have the wires in the right configuration they say that I might have a defective turn signal switch just looking for some different answers my intention is to repurchase the turn signal switch and go through the hassle of mounting it in the column to see if anything changes

There is a wire schematic, as well as much more, at Vic Yarberry’s sequential signal website. Cougars Unlimited LLC Home Page

There is also a color coded wiring diagram for Cougar available on Ebay. I’m not sure if it covers both sides of the switch, but it is sure handy to have available.

67 and 68 are different, so make sure you have the correct year wiring diagrams.

I feel your pain as I have been going through this process on my 68. You can read my thread to pick up some input there too.
I bought one of those plastic color wire diagrams and found it helpful but you really need the Electrical Assembly Manual for your year. Here is a pic if you haven’t seen one and what i did on the page that shows the turn signal switch. You need good eyes as the print ( should say reprint) is faint in places and very small! You will have to use the color chart as a legend to get the color for each wire. But it will show you on both sides what they “should be”.

Goog luck and you will figure it out as there are many good members who answer these questions a lot here.

Thanks for your input are the 68 connectors curved because my 67 connector is rectangular I would assume that all the wires could be placed in the same holes whether it’s curved or rectangular and I will check to make sure that I have all the wires in the right holes in the connector the wires coming from the directional control switch are not matching up to my color code there is a light blue in one corner of the connector next to a green in the connector I could not find a green the two wires that I was left with were a dark blue and what looked like a lighter blue I moved these two wires in the connector as the first time I put it together I used the darker blue to represent the light blue that needed to go in the corner and the lighter blue assumed that I was color blind and it might be green so I switched those two wires back to where the lighter blue would be in the corner and the darker blue would replace the green as I say the directionals work the hazards work the brake lights work the headlights work but when I plug in my dashboard my indicator lights stay on they both stay on at the same time and as I turn the directionals to the left it will blink and then stay on the same happens if you use the directionals on the right side

There is a separate Electrical Assembly book for the 1967 Cougar. The wiring pattern for the rectangular connector is different. However, the functions of each wire is the same.

Over the years, both Ford and the aftermarket manufactures have been quite liberal with shades of the wire colors. In that case, observe the wire gauge.

For example, an original switch might have thick blue/yellow stripe and a blue wire. One aftermarket switch has two solid blues - one thick and one thin.

By comparing the wire gauge, this means that the (14ga) thick blue on the aftermarket gauge is to be connected to the horn (blue/yellow). The other smaller gauge blue wire is the turn signal feed into the switch.

Another item to note is that, on the 1967-68 Cougar switch, the solid green wire has no mating connection on the car harness. This brake light power feed wire is not used on a Cougar as the sequential system in the trunk combines the brake light power to the turn signal power inside the K7/K8 relay.

The 67 tilt away directional turn signal switch that I bought from West Coast classic cougars every wire was the same gauge the thick blue and yellow wire going to the horn became a purple and yellow but the gauge was not different what I’m wondering is what will cause the indicator lights to stay on thank you for your comment I appreciate your help

Matthew06320, Did you get your problem resolved. I worked on these columns for about 9 years. I may be able to help if need be.

Yes thank you it was those two wires when I reversed them the indicator light on dash went until I use the directionals