Tilt wheel circuit

Have just installed low fuel warning electronic upgrade. During the upgrade I found an unused relay on the plate, identified as tilt wheel. I can find no plug or associated wiring anywhere under the dash. I have not been able to find the wiring colors or where it would originally have been mounted. Any advice would be appreciated. Dale.

The factory shop manual has a complete section on the tilt wheel including schematics, component locations. Very helpful information.

Thanks Royce. I have a Shop Manual dated March 1967. Is it possible there is a later version, as I cannot find any reference re. Tilt wheel?

You are right! The March 1967 book doesn’t have it. The 1968 one does but they are not identical. You are going to need to contact Tony Augustine alisatonyaug at aol dot com for the schematic

Thanks Royce. Unfortunately, that address is blocked.

Sent you a PM

Thanks Royce. Well, I’m out of luck again, his message box is full. I’ll try at a later date.

Hopefully he will see he has a missed call and call you back.

It would appear Ford never issued a wiring diagram for the '67 Cougar tilt, but if they did, it is a deep dark secret. I searched a Mustang forum for their '67 tilt system and found numerous postings, some of which were a little confusing. Several referred to them as being mechanical with no wiring but then reference was made about a door pillar switch, which my car has. I can’t trace the wiring, and the basic wiring diagram does not show individual wires or colors. At my age I can easily confuse myself, but this problem is more than my customary confusion!!

This might help

Many thanks indeed for this very detailed diagram, just a shame no wire colors. It should help me even so. Thanks again.

Get a copy of that book. It will tell you the wiring colors as well as other good information.

Thanks. I have ordered one.