Tilt wheel, rims and original tires

i dont know if i am in the correct forum. if not, i apologize in advance.

i am looking to get some idea of value, if any, on the original tilt wheel mechanism that came w/ my 72 XR7 convertible. its never been installed nor will i…

secondly, i do have the original tires w/ that came w/ the car, steel wheels and hubcaps. all only w/ 14k miles on them!!

i am wondering if anyone could give me an idea of the value of each part or if they should all be kept w/ the original cougar. i have had her for the past +35 yrs and moves the tires, wheels, caps and tilt mechanism several times. lol

i have no idea how to proceed or if i even want to so i am asking for your expertise!!

thanks in advance


Those tires and wheels are original only to one car. Yours. They have no value to any other car. They are too old to drive on. They increase the interest in your car. They make your car easier to sell.

thank you…sorry for the delayed response…i have always thought along those lines and there they sit…they will continue to do so…!!