Time for a repaint - door data tag question

Hello. My '67 Cougar is getting the long overdue paint job I’ve always wanted. What a challenge finding a body shop that is good and reasonable in price. I’m changing color from Fawn to the late teens Lincoln Ruby Red tricoat Metallic. In addition, the car was painted once a long time ago and there’s some overspray on the door data tag. Removing it also took off some of the black paint on the tag. Since I’m doing this paint job well, I’ll get a new tag.
I have to re-register the vehicle with the State of FL to reflect the new color. I’m keeping the old tag, but leaning towards having the Lincoln color code RR listed on the color section of the new tag.
What is the community vote?

I would keep the color code 6, why confuse the less than 1%'ers.
So few people know 1960’s Ford color codes, other than “T” or “I”.

I lived in FL for 20 years; never heard of having to re-register the car due to a color change…They register by VIN only. The DMV folks only check the VIN, not the color code.

I specifically went to the local DMV and asked (we are public DMV here run by the county - not private outfits). They said most certainly I’m to re-register. They have a process to do so. Remember, color is on your registration. My guess is it helps identify vehicles when perhaps in pursuit (match to the license tag). When reporting something, they always ask make, model and color (of course if you got the tag number all the better).

That’s definitely not the case in all jurisdictions. Just depends where you are. In California all that DMV has is year, make, and type of vehicle.

I would think that changing the data tag is going to cause more problems than anything. It will cause any future buyers to wonder what else has been tampered with.

We’re in Florida. I am simply reported what my DMV stated to me. Regarding the data tag, that’s why I keep the old one :wink:

Here’s another vote for not tampering with codes on the data tag. It’s purpose is to document how the car originally left the factory. I like your new color though!

Has everyone missed the fact that the original data tag is still in possession and with all auto files/data?

No. We have not. You asked for an opinion and got a few. It’s your car. Do what you want.

On another note, I have a 2019 Lincoln MKZ with the Ruby Red Tricoat. It is an awesome color and I believe it would look great on a cougar.

My interior is the tan coloring, so agreed. It should be sprayed next week. All the body is in pieces now and any areas of rust re-welded and cleaned up.

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In Washington state my car’s registration slip does state “Color”. But I have changed colors on a few cars and not reported it to the state. But if you state requires it, save your self later grief and do it. I would vote to just keep the factory codes on the door tag. But again, it’s yours and do what you like.