Tire sizes for 1970 XR7

I have a 1970 XR7 and ready to upgrade the wheels. I have on order some 15x7, 4.25 BS rims and need help with tire sizes. I would like to keep front and back the same for rotation purposes. I have been looking at 225/60R15’s and 215/60R15’s. I don’t want rubbing problems either but still the widest tire possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have 15x7 on the front of my 70 XR-7 with 235/60-15s. And 15x8 with 255/60 15s on the rear with no problems. Tiy shoud be good with either of those sizes on yours as both are smaller then the 235/60s I have on the front of mine. If it were me I’d go with the 225/60s.

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Thanks for the feedback. I originally wanted the 225/60’s so will go with them. The rims have 4.25 backspacing. Your car looks great without the vinyl top. I was debating doing that with mine. The top
on mine looks good and had been replaced at one time but worried about rust under it.

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Ditto with badcatt: Had 245/60’s on the front and couldn’t clear the fenders on turns, 295/60’s rear and without airshocks they rubbed inner fender on passenger side, moulding lip on driver’s side. Now running 235/60 front, 245/60 rear with no issues.

Thanks for the information

Thanks for the information. Hate to buy wrong tire sizes.