Tire/wheel combo

Hi all,
I have 14 inch Magnum 500’s on my 69 and I am in need of new tires. I am thinking of replacing the old Magnum 500’s I have with new ones as mine are old and rusty. I am thinking of going to 15’s or possibly 17’s. I would love to see pictures of some rides that have 15 and 17 Magnum 500’s on them. I am going to go with BFG T/A’s and I would like to get an idea on how they look on other Cougar’s. If you attach a pic, please just let me know what size tire and wheel you have that would be great.

The car in my signature had 15x7 in front and 15x8 in the rear. Sold the car a few years ago now. I think that the front tires were 245’s, and the rears were 295’s? Not for sure anymore. The fronts would rub the wheel lips when reversing, with wheels turned all the way right or left. 225’s are the normal size on a 15x7 wheel. You should check for fitment on your car to be sure.

15’s installed a few weeks ago. P225 60’s all around.

Newer cars are built with tiny tolerances and to fill every gap. I absolutely love the gaps that show a bit of leaf spring or shadow in the front that were the norm when our cars were young.

Be sure you have the tire options figured out before selecting 15’s or 17’s.

I think I am going to go with Legendary LW 67’s 15x7 wheels with 4.25 back spacing from WCCC all around and BF Goodrich Radial T/A’s, 225/60R 15 up front and 235/60R 15 in the back.

The tire diameters would be 25.6" and 26.1" respectfully. Not sure if that’s your goal. Hence why I mention it originally.

I would recommend going with 235/60/15 all around. There is no issue with them fitting on the front and it allows you to rotate tires and have a spare that works for any tire. I don’t understand the benefit of going with the smaller tire on the front.

:point_up: What he said!

Clearance or simply a particular stance your going for…typically you can get a much larger tire(wider)in the rear then the front and when your trying to put power to the ground you want more meat on the pavement.

But yeah rotations and spares suck when running different sizes so you do need to keep that in mind when choosing tire sizes.

I have Magnum 500 15x7" w/4.25" offset with 235 60 up front and 15x8" w/ 4.50" offset with 245 60 on the rear of both of my 69 Cougars.

Hey Bryan, what paint code was shot on the STD? It looks period correct so maybe a Ford or Mercury color not available for Cougars?

I understand all of that but the OP isn’t considering putting large tires on the rear. In fact, the front ones he proposed are a little on the small side. My comment was specific to his tire selection. My lowered car has no clearance issues and I run 235/60/15’s all around. You can keep the same size tires and modify your stance with different suspension choices if desired.

Both of my Cougars are factory colors. The Eliminator is code M (white) and the XR-7 is code B (Maroon). The picture of the XR-7 makes it look darker than it really is.

These just arrived today from Diamondback Tires. Dual 1/4 inch WW. They are going on my 70 XR7 convertible with new Legendary Magnum 500s. BFG Radial T/A 225/60/15 all around. Just need to find a set of black walking cat center caps. Can’t wait!

Ah yes, remember them well. I was detailing cars back when those were popular. The narrow deeply indented whitewalls were a PITA to scrub clean. But it’s a cool vintage look!