Tires for 14 Keystone Klassics

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I currently have keystone klassics with Goodyear 205/60/14 on the front and 215/70/14 in the rear. Would there be any issue with putting the 215/70/14s all the way around?

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The only issue would come from changing the rear tire ratios that would throw off your speedometer display, which does not apply here. I’m a fan of same size tires front and rear for both looks and daily driver handling, but others will have different priorities based on what they want to see/feel in their Cougars.

215 / 70 / 14 tires fit nicely. They are approximately the same diameter as the original F70 14 bias ply tires so they ought to be a good choice.


Thank you both for the feedback. I feel like I’m getting a steal here, town fair tire is going to price match those tires for $85.17 each.

That’s a great price - what brand of tire are they getting you?

  • Phillip

Cooper Cobra Radial G/T with the raised white lettering

I too have been running 215/70/14s, and they look and fit correctly (1968)

Thanks all, I’m glad to hear I won’t have an issue. Also @R.B.Phillips nice to see a fellow New Englander