To A/C or not A/C. That’s the question!

Well, I’m working on the dash harness in “Phoenix” and discovered the original fire damaged harness was an A/C harness. Phoenix does not have a/c. My replacement harness is from a non a/c XR7. Was it routine practice at the factory to use whatever harness was coming down the line? All other pigtails and breakouts appear to be present. I determined my original was an A/c harness due the green pigtail on the engine bay side of the grommet along with the green de-icing wires.

My 70 without AC also has the unused green AC compressor pigtails in both the dash and under hood wire harnesses. I think they used the same harness whether the car had AC or not.

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Correct. The main wiring harness contains wires that are unused if you do / do not have AC. The extra wires are simply taped out of the way.

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That makes retrofitting a bit easier…