To walk away or not to walk away

1973 Cougar Standard

I totally hit the wrong button on my phone.

My issue is, my 73 has a blown head gasket and I have alley port on approx $8k into the car and now, worth a very worm engine, I brewed to replace it. Question is: Is it worth it?

Blown head gasket isn’t very expensive to fix… As far as the rest of your post goes? I have NO clue what you meant to say, I think your auto text took over and lost it’s mind…

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My '73 has a blown head gasket…I have already put about $8K into the car, and now–with a very worn engine–I need(?) to replace it. “Is it worth it?” [I assume he means, is the car worth it?]

I’d say: If you can’t do the work yourself (no shame there–it’s a fairly big job), find a one-guy mechanic shop with a bunch of old Gen 1 Explorers sitting around outside and get a quote to do the repair…I’d guess it’ll cost $500-$750? It is worth throwing good money after bad because, as it sits with a blown head gasket, it’s worth a small percentage of your $8K investment. No one is going to believe that’s the only thing wrong with the car if you try to “walk away…” When I see an ad for a car that “only” needs something like a head gasket repair, I assume that’s just the beginning of what needs to be done and I walk away.

You are right. The head gasket is just the start of issues that I think will be revealed in the process of repair. The engine is a very tired specimen. I have blow by and the power of the car is pretty much non existent. Thought I could stretch a couple more years out of the engine, but am thinking this is it.

My choices are, just repair the head gasket, or dive deep with an engine rebuild or replace. The car has some rust, the interior is in fair condition. Just at my wits end as to what to do with it. Buy it some time or just walk.

Sorry for the original post. Fat fingers combined with tiny phone keyboard and failure to proof read. …sigh

Based on that single photo, it looks like a nice car. I’d say have the motor rebuilt or replace it. I wouldn’t walk away.

This is very good advice. I think you would be better off putting a couple hundred dollars in the engine rather than just walking away. When the repairs are complete you can enjoy the car or sell. Walking away now you probably regret later down the road. Even if it’s a tired Cougar it’s better than not having one at all.

What was the plan after stretching a couple more years out of the engine? If it was anything other than keep the car, this is a good time to walk away, but not until you have fixed the head gasket and can protect as much of your current investment as possible. You probably won’t get your $8K back even with the head gasket fixed, so you need to think about how much of a loss you’re prepared to take and whether or not that’s a better option than putting more into it to get it running right.

Even if it’s a tired Cougar it’s better than not having one at all.

This Cougarless guy completely agrees…

A lot of us fix our cougars and pour countless hours and money into them. Financially, it’s usually not worth it but we do it for the love of our rides. If you love your ride, just do it.

Amen, brother!! Don’t I know it!!! :thumbup:

I hear y ’ all. Going to have it repaired and hope the damage isn’t too deep. Cross your fingers