Too much power

The V-10 has too much power for this guy.

I saw that… idiot overpowered into the turn and/or didn’t know to turn into the skid.

Well…on the bright side, it was an almost perfect parking job…

How the heck did he hit smack between those cars?? LOL

Says it’s in the Chicago suburbs. I wonder which one.

:clap: Thats priceless!! I would love to hear him or her explain that wreck to the police and the insurance company.

I’ll bet that the idiot behind the wheel uses the old, ummm :think: “The throttle stuck!” defense… :liar:

What a jackass. Probably some kid driving daddys car.

If I was in the minivan or the CRV, I think I would have heard the sound of a slot machine hitting the jackpot when a Lambo slammed into me.
Kinda like the driver of this delivery van:

Go ahead and skip to 1:30 on this one

Hey, stuff happens when you drive cars like that and aren’t used to them.

There’s no such thing as “Too Much Power.” But there is such a thing as not enough talent.


Amen, LoHo. Neither Dude took the time to figure out that he didn’t even know how much he didn’t know.

Fixed it for ya!

Speaking of too much power… Here’s a couple of my buddy’s drag vids… on borrowed drag radials!!!

Terry’s Pinto from inside

Same practice run from the outside:

Next time trial run it got even higher and got damaged when it came down, smashing the headers flat:

Two more - his brother Keith’s 557-inch '89 Mustang LX

Keith’s Mustang from inside:

Different run from the outside –

I like how the right rear of the bumper almost kisses the ground! Got Torque???


I thought my posts only got edited over on that other site. :blush:

Apparently, LoHotian is not universally understood!