Top Loader gear question

I’m rebuilding the top loader 4 speed and noticed during tear down that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear engagement teeth seem to missing a few teeth on each gear set. They look to be in the same approximate location on each gear set and have a smoothness that makes it look like they are meant to be missing. The gears photos I’ve looked at aren’t clear that these should be there. Is it just coincidence or did they come this way. Otherwise, the gear sets look fine. Not worn, no heat spots and no marred teeth.
Anyone know if this is normal or I need to get a new set of gears?

Yes, the gaps in the engagement teeth are completely normal.

Nice looking gears!!! The “teeth” you are referring to are the synchronizer teeth and yours look really nice! 2cnd and 3rd usually show the most wear from missed shifts…ugh!

The only other wear you are likely to have is on the synchronizer hub where it rides on the main shaft. You can check this without tearing the trans down, but sounds like you are there already!

If you aren’t, you can put the trans in gear, 1 or 2, 3 or 4 and then grab the input shaft and the output shaft and rotate in opposite directions gently. You should feel some initial play, but with applying a little more force you may feel another slight movement. This second bit is the wear… Try it a few times and you’ll get the idea…if it isn’t that much, put the cover back on and fill it with gear oil and roll!

As long as your brass blocking rings are not worn as to have no gap between the brass blocking ring and those synchronizer teeth, then they are good too. I forget the spec but it’s probably minimum about .060 to .090" ish… Dig it up in the book…


Thanks for the info!

Appreciate the reply and the pic! That’s exactly what I was talking about. Appreciate it!