Toploader OVH kits

Hey guys n gals…

Just ordered an overhaul kit for my 4 speed…

Wanted to give them a shameless plug, since he was super-speedy replying to all my inquiries, and in shipping the kit, once I placed the order. I’ll let you know how the overhaul goes…

I have used him with great results also.

That’s good to hear, Don…kit shipped yesterday, arrived today(I’m not THAT far from him). Considered hand-delivering my trans to him and having him do it, but…175 compared to 750…worth a shot?? LOL.

Lined up a couple of our A&P mechs at work to “help” me do the OVH, as they are avid motorheads, too…(and I gave them a Cleve as a bribe…it was taking up space).

Progress reports as they happen!

My local tranny shop did it $100 labor.

Hint: you can use a wooden dowel rod to hold the bearings in place on the intermediate shaft.

Uh…they aren’t related to SoCalCraigsters brother in law, are they??? :open_mouth:

You know, I’m a Todd, man…there is nothing, I repeat NOTHING “intermediate” about my wooden sha…wait…you’re talking trannies, aintcha?? DOH!!!

LOL. Kit came with “tools and instructional DVD”, so, hoping that with those, and the mechs, it will go smoothly…they’ve both done “multiple” trans overhauls, and I look forward to learning a thing or two.

When I get a chance, I’ll link up one of their projects…wikkit pissah cool truck…drags only, tho…told me today he was “running a little lean”…so I told him “You’re the guru, fix it!”…LOL.

7/8" wooden dowel and it’s also called the cluster shaft.
You have to drop the cluster shaft to the bottom of the case to remove the input shaft. Use the wooden dowel to push the cluster shaft out and retain the needle bearings.

But if you got the deluxe kit from Mark, you already have the dummy cluster shaft. :wink:

Dummy Cluster Shaft: This would make a good user name for the right forum…LOL! You can’t imagine how hard it is to put one of these together with one though. Art, what do you use to remove that metal plug from the end of the case at the end of the cluster shaft?

Yours may have a plug but I don’t ever recall a plug being in that position. There is a plug covering the 3-4 shift rail though.

Well, fortunately, I suppose, when opened up, mine was PRISTINE inside, so, I jumped the gun on ordering the WHOLE kit. :shrug:, replaced input seal, tailshaft seal, and top cover gasket, and called it good. No more leaks! And, I have the parts for “a rainy day”…