Trans and carb ID so I can represent right to sell

Hey all,
I have a C-6 sitting here that I bought years ago when I was originally building a 67 auto car. Had to switch to a different car as I had some title issues with my first chassis. I knew it wasn’t correct for a 67 when I bought it, and I seem to recall the guy telling me it came out of a 69 maybe, and it was something unique due to the fact that it had a yellow dip stick tube :question: Did come out of a Cougar though so I was told.
Really don’t know so I thought I would put the numbers up so you all can tell me, so I can hopefully sell it and clear up shop space.
If I wrote it down right on the shifter side of trans it has a DOAP-7006 P-1. On the servo cover RF06AP-7D027-A and a big letter ‘D’. On the metal tag PGA Y with 017988 under it. Like I said it has a yellow dip stick tube (it’s broke at the base though) I have the torque converter, good flex plate with good teeth, the drive shaft yoke is in it holding fluid in, and spacer plate. Not sure if I have the lower cover. Had it on my 390 and it did shift and sound fine at the time, but that was almost 20 years ago I think.
Also have a carb sitting here. It may have been on my 390 that I got from the salvage yard and rebuilt as I am pretty sure my motor came from a 65 ford or merc passenger car. Anyway, 4brrl ford carb with the tag screwed to the top to lower housing screws reading C5AF F with a D5FB under it. Carb will need a total restore to be usable.
Any help to ID would be greatly appreciated.

According to my carb ID book from Pony Carburetors a C5AF-F was from a 1965 full size Ford with a 352 4V and auto trans. If you are taking these numbers off the attached metal tag then the second line should be D 5FB with a space between the D and the 5. If that is correct then the D is for the design change and the 5FB is the date code, 1965, Feb, 2nd week. It should be an Autolite 4100 style carb. You should also take a look at the side of the base plate as the number should also be stamped there. The stamping is usually near the one corner.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

My Tag book shows Tag PGA Y for a 69 Mustang or Cougar with a 390. But the DOAP-7006-P-1 is odd to me, That would have been a 1970 part. It also should have at least a partial VIN stamped on the case. This picture is an example of where to look for the VIN. You may need to clean it off to read it.

I’m no help with the Carb.

Randy and Neal,
Thanks for the info on the carb. I had a 65 ford pickup at one time that I think may have had a 352 in it. Wonder if it was from that :question: Can’t remember for sure. No worries though, at least I know what to try to sell it as. Doubt it will bring much if anything.
On the trans Neal, I will go look again, but I am not seeing any numbers on that flat spot where the tail housing bolts up. There is a large 7 cast into the alum on the tail shaft housing, and a large number 1 on the top of the bell housing area. Just casting numbers, or ID clues :question:
Thanks for the help so far.
Here are photos of a mystery part I have. Is this from some year Cougar? It was in my car when I bought it along with other misc ford parts. No numbers, black wrinkle finish.

So I kinda dropped the ball on this post. Does the last part pictured look like anything from any year Cougar, and if so what’s the value of it?
As the transmission and the carb, values?

The radio bezel piece does not look like any I have ever seen in any Cougar. It might even be GM, maybe first gen Camaro?

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I’ll guess the radio bezel is late 60’s Tbird. The yellow dipstick tube was used on 69-70 428 CJ cars.

So is there anything in the numbers on the trans that I posted that would tell us if it was indeed in a Cobra Jet car, and does that make it anymore valuable? I have yet to find the numbers that Neal is saying should be there. Clearly on a flat spot in the main case just before the tailshaft extension.
Randy, any thoughts on what to ask for the carb?
I guess I will just pitch the bezel piece. Probably not worth much anyway.

Just thought I would post a couple of corrections. On the number on shifter side DOAP-7006-P1 so there is no dash between P and 1
On the servo cover I put down in first post RF06AP-7D027-A The RF does not run together and it isn’t a 0 it is a C and it is possible the D is another 0 making it RF-C6AP-70027-A .
The PGA Y is right with the 017988 under it. Looking for the other number that Neal said I should find I did find numbers on the tail housing, similar to main case RF-C6AP-7A040-A2 so…
On shifter side:
Servo cover:
RF-C6AP-70027-A and a big capitol D
Stamped steel id tag:
PGA Y 017988 under it.
Tail housing:
Also a big number 1 on bell housing area and a big number 7 on tailshaft housing. Yellow dip stick tube which 427XR7 says indicates Cobra jet.
I looked at a couple of e-bay postings. Seeing a flex plate that is spoke type, mine isn’t. Add for yellow dipstick tube saying 68-69 Cobra jet, and 390-GT

The D0 part numbers indicate a 1970 or later transmission. PGA-Y is not Mustang or Cougar, probably from a Fairlain or bigger Ford / Mercury. With the D servo it’s likely a 390-2V application of some sort.

The D0 part numbers indicate a 1970 or later transmission. PGA-Y is not Mustang or Cougar, probably from a Fairlain or bigger Ford / Mercury. With the D servo it’s likely a 390-2V application of some sort.

My understanding was that the Mustang and Cougar were the only cars using the FE in 1970 – with the Fairlane/Torino and bigger all using the 385 series motors over 351ci. So if this is an FE transmission that isn’t a Cougar/Mustang what would it be ?