Transmission Leak

My FMX trans leaks. I have replaced the trans pan gasket. I appears to be leaking from above the trans pan. I did
replace the odemeter cable a little over 18 months ago. IS there some sort of gasket/oring that goes in there? Again I
haven’t crawled back under to trace the leak other than to eliminate the pan. The leak does appear to be on the drivers side.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

70 XR7

Possibly shift shaft seals?

Not sure of the FMX design, but you might be able to change the seal without the linkage inside coming apart from each other. You would just have to keep pulling the shift shaft out as you did all of the work.

yes there is an o-ring

If the leak is towards the front, it would most likely be this:

That goes into the case and seals the shifter shaft. If the kickdown linkage goes through the middle of he shifter shaft like in a C4, then there is also an oring between those two shafts.

Well it appears to be leaking from the drivers side where the column lock rod and the shift rod enters the trans.
The speedometer area is completly dry. So how hard is this to fix? Any help will be used and appreciated.

Here is the view of a C4, not sure if the FMX looks the same.

By bigredtruck at 2012-05-11

By the looks of it, the oring can be changed without the pan coming off, but the actual shift shaft seal definitely needs the pan to come off to undo the nut on the back side. It may also require the valvebody to be dropped as well. to get the wrench in there. Once again, not sure on the FMX.

If it is just the oring that needs to be changed, then you just need to be sure to keep the kickdown shaft from moving too far into the case. The inside just has a hook on the end that depresses a valve in the valve body to engage the kick down.

From your picture it looks like it’s the shift shaft seal… So if anyone can shed any light on it for me that would be awesome.
If the trans pan was as deep as I had to go I might just try it… Thanks for the help so far… Check back for details of either
success or screw ups…