Transmission Questions

Hey everyone! Getting to work on the 68 finally and got a little confused on some wires and cable coming out of the transmission. I did a little video showing what I’m talking about. Thanks for any help.

Pretty sure that the wires are backup and neutral safety switch. Looks like a C-4, but with an added window in the bottom of the bell housing. That rod and cable are the kick down, connects to the tab off of your accelerator bell crank.


Thanks for the assist CougarCJ! Is it okay to try and fire up the engine without this stuff plugged in? Once I get the engine sorted and know it’s okay I will dig deeper into these wires.

Probably not going to get the starter to turn with that disconnected.

Hi xr7g428! Currently everything in the engine is being bypassed. Wire from coil (+) to battery (+) and a remote starter switch. Just want to make sure it will not damage the transmission. I did verify the transmission has fluid.

That will work. Be sure not to run it too long if using a stock coil as it will over heat without the resistance wire dropping voltage to the coil.
And be absolutely certain it is in park or neutral.

Not sure if this would help. But it may make connecting your wires easier. Could save you a bunch of splicing.

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@TCELL - Definatley helps. Thank You> At some point I will need to fix it.

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