TRUE or FALSE ... Can I be dreaming ??

I need " the skinny" ( as in sooooooo little room ) on , is it possible / worth it to try to put a 429 in a 70" cat.? 428 yes ! But isn’t the 429 / 460 way to wide ?

My friend swears he saw a 429 / 460 in a 70" cougar at a car show last year ( with stock shock towers ) .

I told him the 1st. year for a 429 was in the lager 71" model . Stock or not … is it do-able without altering the shock towers ??

I does fit. Tight but the 429/460 fits.

Yes it can be done and it has been done without cutting anything. Rocketman did it to his 69. Here is a link that covers everything that you need to know.

I cut the towers on my 70 to put in a 429, then 460. Cutting the towers makes it easier to get your hand in there to get to header bolts and spark plugs. If I do it again, I will probably not cut the towers. I tend to be more purist compared to 20 years ago. Although, putting in a 460 is not what a purist does. All in all, if the towers are cut it’s easier to work with. It’s a job that can be done neatly and blend in well.

By the way, there were 2 69/70 Cougars that had a Boss 429. Same as a Boss 429 Mustang the towers were modified at Kar Kraft.

Don’t do it… If you want horsepower there is a myriad of ways to go without adding lots of weight and extensive mods. 351w crate stroker motors are big bang for the buck.

A 429 -460 is the same width as an FE! So with that being said there are no body mods needed!! And with an alum. intake the weight is about the same as an FE! I had one in my car for years!! Until I could afford a 428!! A lot of bang for the buck in the horsepower dept. Unbelievable torque!! In fact I still have the motor mounts if your interested. The rest of the parts used are standard FE parts.

Ford Power Applications makes a header for this engine swap.

The FPA headers are a shorty header which is great for a anything that is not “high horsepower”. I have them on my car. Been on there since 2001.

Yea, they are not a “race car part”! I would call them a “muscle car part”!!

Ford 429-460

Dimensions: 27 inches wide, 30 inches long, and 29 inches tall
Weight: 720 pounds
Sump Location: Front
Starter Location: Right
NOTE: Does not cover Boss 429.

Ford 352-427FE

Dimensions: 27 inches wide, 32 inches long, and 29 inches tall
Weight: 625 pounds
Sump Location: Front
Starter Location: Right
NOTE: Does not cover 427 SOHC.

Now if you really want power per pound in a more compact package


Width: 26 inches wide
Length: 28 inches
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 425 pounds


Yep, I will be putting a Chevy engine in the old Cougar… NOT!!!

My '68 had a 460 in it right before I bought it. They made custom motor mounts to move the engine down and back a bit. My dad didn’t think a 16 year old needed a 460, so we traded the 460 parts for a running 289 2V.

A 429 fits fine in a 1970. Here is mine, originally a 351/FMX, now a 429 TKO. No cutting of anything.

It’s not easy to get one to look that good. Nice work on that green '70 for sure! If I was going to do this I would use aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads, intake, and water pump to shed 100 pounds from the 460.

Wow, I love the green 70.

That is beautiful. I love how you made the 429 look like a stock upgrade.