Trunk Seal Removal

The Trunk Seal is hard as a rock. I have a nice replacement & weatherstripping adhesive.

What is a good “remover” for the old seal remains that will not damage the paint? Any prep requirements?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I hope this is suitable…just picked it up for doing the same job next month.

Looks good thank you

I replaced my brittle original trunk weatherstrip last fall and was surprised to find that it scraped off pretty easily with a lawnmower deck scraper tool (like a putty knife with rounded corners). Didn’t use any chemicals, but did have some paint touch-up to do where I scratched through to the primer. Will be curious how the adhesive remover works.

Be sure and wipe down the new weatherstrip with lacquer thinner before applying the adhesive. Otherwise, the weatherstrip mold release keeps adhesive from sticking as well.

I agree with Calicat, the glue is hard and scrapes off better than using the glue remover, the glue remover works if the glue is not too old.
Good luck whichever way you go.

Looks good thank you

Ok, Job is done. Getting the old seal off, What a pain, I used 2 different “adhesive removers” (not the 3M, Couldn’t find it in stock) WD40, etc.

It started with slicing off what I could with the Razor Knife.

I applied the various Adhesive removers, the best was a PB Blaster Citrus based Remover, it would soften the residue & glue enough that I could use a plastic scraper to get it off. It was slow going, I also ended up using my heat gun to help, note to self, don’t get too close to the plastic scraper with the heat gun, the tip melts!.

The Removers (and the heat gun) also softened the paint, you can see where the color came up from the plastic scraper.
I didn’t worry too much since it didn’t get thru the primer and would be covered by the new seal. I know not the best.

New Seal went on with 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive

I worked in short sections since the 3M stuff dries tacky in a hurry. Keep some adhesive remover around on a rag. The Tube has a nasty habit of leaving a thin “string” of Adhesive from the tip of the tube to the workpiece. I smoothed out the bead of adhesive with a popsicle stick on both the lid and the seal. Sorry, no Pix, I was working fast. below is the finished product

I had used my Black Sharpie to mark the hinges before lid removal. Interesting to note, there were body shims in there (bottom bolt) to help line things up. I noted the locations for re-installation.

Ta Da!! all finished!

That’s what mine looked like after scraping off the old gasket too. You were smart to remove the deck lid first - I did mine on the car and won’t make that mistake again. Looks great - very nice to have that job done!

Yeah, I was originally going to do it on the car, then I looked at it hard, and said no, easier to take the deck lid off. I used the Sharpie trick for re-alignment on my Race Truck for the Hood, it came on & off more than I liked.

From my understanding, the adhesive is normally applied to both surfaces, let tack up, then stick together. I guess it depends on which product a person uses…I was looking at the 3M yellow super adhesive.

Looks like I’ll take the trunk lid off as well…appears to help for the hardest task in getting the old adhesive off. Hopefully the 3M adhesive remover helps after scraping the old crap off first with a plastic scraper.

Be sure weatherstrip and deck lid surface have been wiped clean with lacquer thinner first. Then you apply the weatherstrip adhesive to both deck lid and weatherstrip and give it a few minutes to get tacky. I used acid brushes to spread an even coat on both a few feet at a time. Then make sure you place it where you want it, because you only get one chance.

Yes that is the procedure, both elements get a thin coat. as i said, work fast in small increments. the stuff dries quick, and once it touches the other side, it wants to stay there.

I mask off the trunk lid where the adhesive is brushed on. Lay it upside down on a table for easiest task. I’ve done it with the trunk lid on the car too, it’s not bad if the gas tank is out.

I brush the whole thing with 1357. It takes maybe 5 minutes to dry enough to stick them together. You have maybe an hour of working time so it’s not that hard and no reason not to do everything at once.


Interesting point of view from the Gas Tank position. I think it was easier to take the lid off in my situation :mrgreen:

Getting ready to do my trunk seal later this week…amazed how hard/brittle the old one is.

I’m double checking as to which side goes against the trunk lid…left or right? The left side seems to be flatter, so was thinking that side. I tried to compare against the existing seal, but couldn’t cut out a decent section to compare.

flat side to the metal. The “open” part of the seal goes to the inside of the trunk.