Trunk weatherstrip/seal

My 1970 has a weatherstrip/seal around the deck lid, and I see those offered at WCCC, BUT, it looks to me like it wants another seal around the perimeter of the trunk body where the lid seal meets as well, and it looks to me like that’s what the Body Manual shows as well. Are there two separate weather seals? Where can the body seal be found? Thanks.

Some Ford products have the seal on the trunk lid itself, others have it on the trunk opening. The shop manual illustration looks like it is a trunk seal for a 65 or 66 Galaxie.

70 Cougars just have the one seal on the underside of the deck lid.

Thanks, that’s what I needed to know.

Thanks!. The manual is a 1970 manual, and there is no specific diagram (that I see) for the Cougar, this one looks like it is “typical” Ford, Mercury and Meteor. That’s why I wasn’t sure.