Trying to find out some info. On my 1970 428 SCJ, RAM air with Drag PAC

Bought it from the original owner in 1988, it’s not a eliminator but I had talked to A guy who claims he originally ordered it and it came with the RAM air with the Hugh hood scoop , so he declined it because he was planning on street racing it , like a grand ma’s grocery getter, automatic trans. Deluxe interior and I respaint in 1994 garage kept the 32 years I own it

Hi Carl,

Welcome aboard! Sounds like a really cool car!

What questions do you have about your car? Fire away, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Do you have any pictures of your car that you could share? We’d love to see it!

If you have a Marti Report, or other original documents like an invoice, build sheet, or window sticker, would you mind sharing a picture of that as well? Any of those would tell us a lot about how your car was originally equipped.

Or if you have a picture of the door tag or dash tag, we can help you decode it.
You could also visit the Cougar Club of America website and enter the information in their online decoder.

Have a great day!

Mike B.

Thanks for the invite , I sent you some pictures of the car and I Did but it From the original owner and have the dealership sales sheet I sent you, was wondering how many plain Jane 428 super Cobra Jet RAM air were made , have not been able to do anything with my cars until my big divorce in 2016 LoL :laughing:, so now I’m just getting back to my cars, got the cougar out and to the Daytona turkey rod run in 2020 , Time to get the Cat out of the Cage

That is the kind of question that needs to go to Kevin Marti.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95