Turn signals quit working

Hi guys I need your help. My turn signals quit working on my 1967 cougar. All other lights work, no dash signal lights no clicking noise. Please help me out!! :beerchug:

You can rule out many things with a few tests. Eventually, you will want to use a VOM (volt-ohm meter) to do some voltage checks.

First, try to activate the Hazard Flashers and examine the tail lamps and dash indicators. Note which illuminate, and which flash (if any). Hazards draw voltage directly from the battery and do not use the Ignition Switch.

If the Tail lamps function, this means the Seq Relay and Motor are good, and dash indicators flashing confirms the Turn Signal Indicator Relays (directional and flasher) are functioning. This rules out most everything but the turn signal switch and supply voltage (fused).

No sense in re-inventing the wheel. Vic’s troubleshooting guide is the place to start:


The taillights are fuse protected underneath the dash by an inline 15 amp fuse located between the ignition switch and the turn signal switch connector circuit #8 (Orange-Yellow wire)

You can also download my writeup for troubleshooting the 67 Sequential system https://classiccougarcommunity.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/1967_Cougar_Sequential_Turn_Signal_System_Troubleshooting_Guide.pdf

Coach Jack

Thanks for saving me putting up your link Jack!

No offense to Vic and his good work, but his guides are a bit fragmented and confusing.

All that aside, sometimes people don’t want to pour through and try to understand their whole system. I don’t think trying to provide personal, directed help is re-inventing the wheel.

thanks guys… The hazards work and indicator lights flash for hazards only. I checked the inline fuse

If the rear lamps sequence when the hazards are on, and you have checked for voltage (12v) on the Orange Yellow wire at the steering column, then you will want to move on to checking the turn signal switch. First for voltage supply, then for connections.

The voltage supply connection could be broken at the switch, since both left and right function is lost. This voltage passes through the Hazard Switch, which must be off to close the contacts that supply the Turn Signal Switch. This is inside the steering column, the power supply line will lead up to the Hazard Switch, then pass to the Turn Signal Switch. It may be difficult to access. You will need to check for 12v at the hazard (Still Orange Yellow wire), and at the TS Switch.

The other thing to check is the turn signal connections, which is easier to get at, but tougher to understand.

Here, Vic has a great chart for checking the resistances through the switch, but it helps to print it out this diagram:

and draw lines for the connections which are made, as listed on Jacks guide, pg 23, 24:

There are about 3 wires getting crossed in each mode (left, right center ), so I made a line for each connection on the connector, drawing left in 1 color, right in another, and center in a third. For instance, the first connection in the center position is shown as: Green, Orange Blue/Orange Black, which is 2 lines , one Green(#9) to Orange-Blue(#4) and one Green to Orange Black, and so on.

That way when you are checking the resistance across the connections, you can put the signal lever in left and check all the left colored connections on the chart, and so on. That way you do not get lost decoding the 9 different connections.

If any do not read near zero resistance, then the contacts are faulty and need cleaning or replacement.

The meter should read near zero in each state. If all these check good, it is more likely the first problem.