Two '68s in my region (craigslist plus)

In southern Maine, a bit of a side trip required:

I have the Marti report on this one for someone interested (I sprang for it). Don’t know if the non-sunlit side presents as well as the top. Originally sold in MA. Several repro items visible (Carpet, vinyl top, upholstery.) Nice seller, have corresponded with him. I was tempted, but not for me.

In southern New Hampshire, neat because it’s a little eccentric. No Marti report yet. I’ll be heading up to see this one in person. Biggest concern is what lies beneath the old non-factory undercoating. If no disasters show up, it might be one to fix the immediate $2K things in the interior and engine compartment, and enjoy while daydreaming about swapping in a 331 for F.A.S.T. and nostalgia racing.

Comment: Ditch the air shocks. Yuck.

The NH one is a bench seat with radio delete? I agree, the bottom may have rust on this one.

IMHO Both cars look like they are worth taking a hard look at and seem to be offered by knowledgeable sellers that are fairly priced. You could gently undo the headliner and have one of those paint-less dent removal guys work on the dent in the roof of the white one and you might be surprised how nice it turns out for $75.

Thanks, Don, your response helps a great deal!

Yeah but have you noticed that neither seller has bothered to list the vin number, which if listed would allow a potential buyer to view the history of the car, if it is in the national database?

Jim, check your PMs