Under Hood Black Paint - Recommendations?

I could have asked this in my project thread but figured this was worthy of its own discussion. I’m getting to the point that I need to paint my engine compartment and am wondering what kind of paint to use. Should I go with a specialty coating like Eastwood’s “Under Hood Black” or a more generic rattle can paint like Krylon Semi-Gloss or Satin Black? My main concern is durability / longevity and being able to look good, clean up easily, and withstand abuse from scrapes and getting hit with wrenches, etc. I’m not too worried about it being the 100% correct factory paint, just something that looks good, holds up over time, and is easy to spray without running, etc. Another factor - I will probably want to use leftover paint for other under-hood components too.

OR - should I get a pint of specific paint from the auto paint store and have my body guy spray it with a gun?

For durability I would get a quart of PPG DP90LF and have your body guy spray it on. Rattle can paint will work and if that’s what you prefer to use, I would get the Underhood Black. It sprays nicely but will lift if what it’s sprayed on isn’t completely clean and properly prepped.

Yes, clean everything, then clean it again.

I used VHT engine paint from a can (two cans actually). It sprays nicer than most rattle can paints. Its proven to be durable and I think it looks pretty good.

For durability I would get a quart of PPG DP90LF and have your body guy spray it on.

I second that…

Great, thanks guys. Just the info I was looking for. So from looking around online, the PPG DP90LF is an epoxy primer that you need to mix 2:1 with their DP401LF or DP402LF catalyst (does that mean 2 parts primer to 1 part catalyst or vice-versa?). Does it need any topcoat over it or anything, or just leave it as is?

Do whatever you like but DP90 isn’t designed as a topcoat. It will not seal out the elements and will eventually break down. Topcoat the DP90 with #9295 (or equivalent) underhood black. Always a good idea to spray a test panel first.
Edit-#9423 is also a good engine compartment semi-gloss black.

2 part primer and one part catalyst. Grab a mixing cup at the paint store to measure. I did my G car with DP90 and DP70, but the car gets the royal treatment so that isn’t a good test. I did the whole underside of the Boss 302 Mustang two year ago and drive it regularly in the summer avoiding the rain if I can. It has held up well so far with no issues. guess I can’t give a recommendation pass two years.

Art is right. DP90LF isn’t designated as a top coat however, my experience with the product has proven its ability to withstand the elements inside an engine compartment. I used it in the engine compartment of one of my Cougars and it lasted for 8 years and 15K miles and still looked brand new when I sold it.

The engine compartment of my 70 was sprayed 4 years ago and it has seen 10K miles in the last 2 years including rainy weather. You saw it last weekend. Did it look OK to you?

It’s your choice on using a designated top coat or not. My choice has been not to and it’s worked out OK for me. Your results may vary.

i used epoxy primer and gloss black rustoleum, designed for those conditions and easy to touch up.

Don’t use the Eastwood under hood black. Peeled up with gasoline spill, drops like it was paint remover.

I ended up getting a pint of something or other from Industrial Finishes that the guy recommended as a semi-gloss or satin black under hood paint. Already mixed / flattened. Will get pics and more info soon… especially when it gets sprayed on!

A good, inexpensive underhood black is the SEM Hot Rod Black.. Nice rich satin finish with just a bit of sheen.
Saw a car with the engine compartment done with this paint last night. This will be my next underhood black choice.

I second that all kinds of issues with it.

Is the 9423 and 9295 a ppg products also?