Under the Vinyl trim

Hello my name is Alex🤗. I need a help…! where I get the small sleeves
By WCCC or NPD I do not find it

Interesting, I have never seen them before. I have taken apart a lot of Cougars too.

What car is this, year and model?

1968 Cougar standart coulor Lime Green Frost with Green Vinyltop…

The things you are looking for I called barrel keepers , that might not be the correct name, the size depends on the diameter of the pin that goes into them, they can be bought at supply stores that sell trim clips.


Thanks :ok_hand:

This trim did not use barrell keepers from the factory. Maybe this was a dealer installed top?

On owner first hand… first Vinyltop first painting!
But i think they barrel clip have/make a good Job!

A Green Vinyl top? I thought the only factory colors for the vinyl top Black and Parchment(off White).

Only white (sometimes called Ivory) or black vinyl tops from the factory in 1968. The factory trim had studs on the back that was secured by a self threading nut.