Undocumented equipment

I have a very early 1968 base model F code (bucked August 30, 1967), which has factory-appearing equipment not documented in the Marti report. The Marti report states that it was a fleet order, and everything about it does seem consistent with a car rental agency; red/red, bucket seats, power steering, 302, C4, air conditioning, tinted windshield, AM radio, E70x14 white sidewall tires, 2.79 conventional rear axle. Four-corner non-power drum brakes (as implied by no citation on Marti report).
It’s possible that I may need to be educated on how options and equipment groups were defined. It’s also possible that since its production was delayed 72 days by the strike at the engine plant, that someone added some features to appease a customer with the big bucks to make a fleet order.
Here’s what was not on the Marti report: chrome trim on the wheelwells and rocker (or was this included with something else?), vertical front bumper guards, vinyl roof (graining consistent with factory vinyl), chrome trim around rear window and C pillar (was told that this was not correct for vinyl roof, but for a two-tone car).
The aftermarket modifications (as received) were an underdash gauge set and 351W engine swap (clearly non-stock). The non-stock dual exhaust has angle-cut piping. The trailer hitch was likewise a probable aftermarket (removed by me).

Standard equipment is not an option so the Marti report would not show it.

Dealers made frequent additions and subtractions. When a car came in on trade they added even more.