Unidentified female connector

Need help identifying where I can find the Male for this female connector. I have searched the service manual but kind of hard when I don’t know what section it actual would be under.

70 base Cougar 351c 2v factory air.

That wire would conect to your air conditioner if you had one.

I have one wire already going into the Air Conditioning unit is there supposed to be two?

Throttle kicker for load support when ac is turned on

Thank you.

I agree it’s likely it went to the solenoid that bumps the idle when the AC compressor kicks in. That’s the only other connector in the area.

Where would a guy find the male for that little bugger? I am seeing nothing in the area of the compressor.

Look on carburetor where the throttle lever rests at idle. Should be a dashpot/solenoid there with a short wire pigtail. This is on driver’s side of carb.

More info at: 1970 Ford Carburetor Idle Stop Solenoid - Dead Nuts On

You are the man. The previous owner must have pulled that off the bottom of it because it has been in my center console since I got the car. Now the question is was it pulled off for a reason??

Thank you again I was going nuts looking for this.

If the solenoid is in the console, you’re lucky. There are two ways they can electrically fail. The winding can be shorted to the can or it can be open. Check it with an ohm meter. I don’t know what the current draw should be for that part, but I would expect less than 1 amp. Tell us what resistance you measure.