Updating or adding to the G -Hertz Racer family registry

Hi All. I have had a G-Hertz racer for about 5 years. Have had some mechanical and restorative work done. She may be on the registry, but has not been updated for some time. What is needed to update registry into my name, etc.? Also, does anyone have an approximate value range estimate for insurance purposes I can use being in good condition with 77,000 miles? Thanks Ruth

Send me a PM and we can make sure the registry entry is proper.

It’s interesting - this XR7-G lives in Hastings Minnesota. My dad bought my 1917 Model T from the original owner in Hastings, MN and I still own it today. Hastings is famous for its “Spiral Bridge” that used to cross the river with its spiral ending up on one end of down town. The spiral was necessary so that the bridge could be level, the other side being much higher on a bluff.

My dad bought my Model T in Hastings in 1951 shortly after the bridge was demolished to make way for a new bridge that could accommodate heavier traffic.