V6 Cougar! Ha!

Hi guys, this is my first post and I am happy to be here. I recall several years back I was driving home in my 69 xr7 from Grass Valley area in Northern California. I had stopped in Auburn to get a bite so I was still a few hours away from getting home to the lower Bay Area. When I started the car in the parking lot to leave Auburn, it started up but then all of a sudden I heard a short “metal” sound and the engine started running rough. Well, a visual inspection did not tell anything in the parking lot. After some time I thought, well screw it, it’s highway driving all the way back. Let’s just get it home.

After I got the car home, more tinkering did not reveal any information. Dad came over to help figure this out. After a while dear old dad says, hmmmm, pull a valve cover. After removing the passenger side cover, sure enough, starting the engine revealed the two forward rockers weren’t moving. Broken camshaft. I had driven home with a V6!!

Well at that point the original cam had never been changed so gave us a good excuse to go through the motor :smiley: Funny now. That was in the late 1990s.

Welcome. Ole reliable got you home!

I ran a V7 once: in my old CJ vert. Back in the 80’s, I raced this local dude in his '78 Z28: barely beat him. We stopped at a light, and he’s asking what engine I had, etc. I said: “It feels like a plug wire is off”. I pulled into the next parking lot (he did too), reconnected the offending wire, and declared it good. The dude thought I was lying that a plug wire was off. I was feeling chippy, and told him it’d cost him $20, in advance, to find out. He paid up, and we raced again, but this time I left about 60 ft of rubber on the 1-2 shift & never saw him again. He probably moved out of town after that. :laughing:

Welcome, I was stationed at Beale AFB in the late 80’s and remember Chuck Yeager lived in Grass Valley. Saw him once or twice in the PX.