VIN #9F91R551069

Not sure if I posted this one, but here it is.

Just slight buffing required. :smiley:

Nice find. What options did it come with?

Doesn’t even look that rough IMO. My recent acquisition is much rougher and missing everything… lol


Here’s the Marti. Hood pins!
9F91R551069_stdrpt.pdf (120 KB)

Red on Red, R-code. Nice :slight_smile:

Very interesting car, built one day before my R code Sport Special.

I have a really nice set of original seats for that car. Both fronts and backs.
I have a pair of 9A? heads too.
Also a 68K block in pristine condition
Just putting it out there , nice project !


tell me your going to save this and build it…


p.s. nice find.

This cat is not mine sadly.

It is/was sitting in a yard in Nebraska. I went to Neb to pick up my 69 XR-7 4 speed Cat. Once home w/ that 69, the phone rang & I ended up with 2 other CJ’s in the next 2 weeks.

No way would wife let me get another…