VIN location

Hi guys, can anyone tell me whether the VIN was stamped on the fender apron on '68 Cougars?

If so, what side and how far up/down in relation to the shock tower?

Thanks in advance!

Brian the VIN is stamped in both inner fender aprons. The drivers side is usually exposed in the “cut out” area of the fender in front of the shock tower. The passenger side is covered by the fender and it needs to be moved to expose the numbers.

Actually my 68 drivers side the VIN is not exposed, it is actually under the fender too.

It is not supposed to be exposed on either side on a '68.

1967, yes.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate the locations - good thing is that both Dearborn and San Jose did just about the same thing that year.


San Jose

On my San Jose built 1968 the Vin is visible on the drivers side. I have actually two sets of numbers the VIN on the bottom edge closest to the fender cut out then another set of numbers stamped above it. I asked about this in another thread topic. Any idea what the second numbers mean?

I found similar stampings shown on Mustangs and talked about on their forums.

The “upper” VIN is not in the typical location for San Jose and is a correction. Not often found but have seen maybe 50 over the years. The lower one (closest to the fender edge is the one that was stamped at the normal station on the line.

Since we’re on the subject it should be noted that there are stampings made where Ford had planned on them and those that got stamped more inward than Ford planned making those somewhat visible. Just the variation sometimes found on mass production but IMHO not the instructed location.

As for the discussions on the Mustang forums about visible verses hidden drivers side VINs it was the NJ built Mustangs that continued the 67 practice oi visible VINs into 68 production