Vin number verification

I have a car that i need to verify the vin number on , can you mike verify if its correct for the vehicle im looking at

A bit more information is going to be needed. What year is this for? What you will want to do is to look at the VIN on the car and compare it to the title. To verify how the vehicle was originally built the VIN will tell us what engine it had, what plant it was built in, and also if it is and XR7 or standard also convertible or hardtop.

We exchanged some messages yesterday about the car / VIN in question. It is a scam listing. The VIN might be legit, but it doesn’t belong to the car in the photographs.

Typical scammer, using photos from past legitimate listings. Typical story ~ “I’m overseas and need to sell my car blah blah we can go through escrow with this company that is holding the car blah blah and they’ll ship it too, and you can inspect it and drive it for 7 days blah blah…”

Sounds like a great deal, let me know if he decides to pass.

Kidding! I try and call out spammers on the Facebook groups, and people still reply anyway. Frustrating - it’s why the scammers keep coming back.

You could tell just by the way it was worded.

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