Vinyl roof trim

On a 69 XR7, are the trim pieces that divide the vinyl top and paint across the trunk and on the C-pillar black in color or chrome or does it matter on the color of the car and vinyl top? Mine are black and just wondering if they were stock that way or painted by a previous owner.

To the best of my knowledge, they were black on vinyl roof cars and chromed for two-tone cars (no vinyl top, but painted in another color like white).

My 1st 69 had a black vinyl roof with stainless (chrome looking) trim. My current 69 had a white vinyl top with black plastic(?) trim.

The trim usually matched the Vinyl top color. I don’t know why dome have Chrome trim. Painted roof vars got color matched to the top trim. And FYI painted top trim And Vinyl top trim may look the same but is not.

I have never seen any factory vinyl top trim made of plastic. That sounds more like an aftermarket vinyl top and trim that a dealer added to spice up a car before putting it on the lot.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

It wasn’t plastic. The dull, faded paint just looked like that after seeing stainless trim for so many years. I actually had it stripped and chromed rather than repaint it.

I have a set of this trim for sale from a 70 hounds tooth top car. $50 plus shipping (248) 867-3522

Have seen the chrome version on 1970 Houndstooth tops only, so far.

Ok I’ve seen it both ways.

this is my 1969 Base 65A Coupe

This is a Pix from a Car Show of a Car similar to mine, I believe it was a XR7. point is they both exist!