Vinyl top SCREWS ????

Took off the top and while sanding I noticed there are four of these screw holes that apparently held the top to keep the seam straight.

Does my top installer need these holes or to I just put filler in them and go???

Original vinyl tops are not held in place by screws. They are glued onto the car.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

There are 4 of them.
One screw was still on the car with vinyl top material on it.

They are actually drive screws, sort of a rivet with spiral threads. When the vinyl top was being installed on the line those drive screws were hammered into the body to locate the vinyl top. I have never used them but they do show up in the Jim Osborne copies of the assembly manual. They were hidden by the stainless trim around the front windshield and the rear window.

I see them on sunroof panels as well.

I`ll just put a little filler in them and go…

I dont think the vinyl top installer will use them, although I will measure them so the installer has a starting point for the seams