Vote for the April 2019 Ride of the Month!

Vote for the April 2019 Ride of the Month!

  • Lxg44’s 1969 Restomod
  • DieselD’s 1968 Restomod

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Spring is here and it’s a great time to get back to work on your project Cougar.

This month we have to great works-in-progress Cougars to chose from.

Nominees, this time please put some pics in this thread so people can see what you have done to your Cougars!

Lxg44’s 1969 Restomod

DieselD’s 1968 Restomod

Thanks for the nomination, I had not even considered participating until I was closer to completion, hell maybe not at all! There are much nicer examples of builds then mine. So again thanks for the nomination and its an honor to be considered worthy! Here are a few progress pictures along the way.

Coming home with a trailer full of parts and a dissembled car. I actually had to assemble the headlights, fenders bumpers etc to have enough room to get everything loaded. The previous owner took it apart to the point of a rolling chassis with plans to restore but only got stuffed in the garage for years. I had tubs of parts, hardware, trim and misc stuff that didnt even belong on the car to sort through in hopes everything was there. The good news was the PO had rebuilt the transmission, re geared the rear axle and replaced all the suspension prior to his tear down.

I believe these have a story to which I may never know

After working through the basics of an engine that has not been started in 15-20years I wanted to know if I had a running motor or not to decide on my path. To my surprise she actually fired right up and runs pretty well. Since the car was basically already stripped down I decided to do the body work and paint first which is backwards from the norm of body work being last. Not having an endless budget I worked with the body shop to save some costs. They pretty much just had to prep and paint. I did all the panel fitment and assembly before paint.

From the day I picked it up I knew I wanted to paint it a dark gun metal grey color. For the availability, ease of touch or or god forbid repair I chose a 2017 factory color from a F250. Very popular color on todays modern fords.

What is so daunting on a project like this is all the details. Every part needs some sort of attention, what seems like simply cleaning up and painting can take hours or days. I bring small items like the grill into work to work on as I had spare time during lunch or after hours.

Not having deep enough pockets to re-chrome every piece of window trim like I would love to do I cleaned up and polished what I had to the best of my ability. I can use the cash elsewhere like motor and suspension upgrades. I even bought some blem bumpers from wccc to save a few bucks. I bet most couldn’t tell where the blem was if I didn’t point it out. Things like door handles, mirrors, some mercury badges, etc or reproductions.

With re-chroming the dash panels being so costly, time consuming and iffy results I decided to paint instead. Future plans involved a full auto meter gauge set

Thats a quick summery of the build and current condition. I am still plugging away every chance I get and still have lots to do before getting her back on the road, however I can not resist the urge to do some hot laps around the neighborhood when given the chance. :whistle:
I realize after going through some pictures I dont have a very good front or side profile picture showing its current state. :frowning: Ill try and get some this weekend.