Want 1969 351 Windsor Dip Stick Tube

Want a 1969 351 Windsor Dip Stick Tube. The seem split on mine.

I found this at National Parts Depot. If you do a search you may find one in unpainted steel rather then this Chrome one.

Can only get the applications on this dipstick & tube - can’t see if it’s bare metal or not ( more than likely, as the other part number is for the chromed version ). I only get an error code 404 if I try to get details on this part - probably going to need a call to NPD.

I think I have that one. It is considerably shorter than the one that broke - but I cannot tell if that was correct either. The specific 351 Windsor dip stick is not in stock anywhere I have checked. Scott Drake is behind in production. Who knew 351 Windsors were so popular!

Looks like they are available from many sources on Amazon, eBay etc.

For example: Dipstick and tube