Want 69 Cougar Like I had as a Teenager

I would appreciate help locating a 1969 Cougar with A/C, PS, and PB. Looking for a numbers matching car with a crack free dash and dash pad, limited rust, and decent grill, tail light trim, and bumpers. Mileage under 90,000. No Eliminator clones or resto mods. Thank you, Alan

Alan, I posted one in the Cougar for sale section, that meets your requirements, except no AC but it does have tilt! Crack free dash pad, no rust (just a few minor bubbles under the vinyl top), super nice front grille, nice working tail lights, decent bumpers. Not sure on the mileage, but it has the original 351W engine runs great! thanks, Scott Taylor - Taylor Restorations

Hello Alan, Welcome to the CCC Forum.

Thank you. I appreciate any help I receive in my efforts to relive what was a really good experience in my life.


Do you have a particular color in mind, or would you be planning on repainting it anyhow?
Is there a particular location / area?
What sort of budget are we looking at?

Thanks, and welcome to the site!

I like using Search Tempest for sweeping all of CraigsList. You can tailor the area and search parameters to fit your needs.


Here are a few that caught my eye…

^Dallas area Cougar Club might know the car, or could possibly help with inspection.

^Convertible, priced similar to the Dallas car. AC, but not sure about the PS / PB.

^another convertible. AC and a 4-speed! Again, not sure about PS / PB.

Saw a few '69 projects, and a few other nice cars with no AC.