Wanted: 1968 or 1970 standard fuel sender unit

Looking to purchase a nice rebuildable core or rebuilt unit. Must be single pronged unit for my '67 Standard non-low fuel sender car (looking to upgrade to 3/8 lines).

1968 # C8ZF 9275 A
1970 # D0WF 9275 A - WTB original 1970 filler neck in this case

Thank you


Hey Sean. Do you need your 67 core?

I think I have a 68

I have my '67 core but I don’t think its salvageable. The metal 90 elbow is very rusty/broken. I’d be interested in your '68 if you find it

I found it. I will rebuild it and let you know when it is done.

Thanks Bill

I will have it ready this afternoon.

I will send you a PM.

1968 Fuel sending unit obtained! Thank you Bill for the fast turnaround and very nice part!

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