Wanted: 1968 XR-7 White Interior

My wife has decided that B3Cat should have a white interior like Scott’s XR-7G. So that means (ideally) I need a set of white XR-7 door panels, a set of XR-7 rear panels, a set of white kick panels and a white console. Seat upholstery will be replaced anyway with new, as will the headliner. I can buy outright or include a trade of the dark blue interior pieces (console and kick panels) that are in the car now. The door and rear panels may not be any good; they are covered with trim shop panels at the moment.

I’m looking for Grade A, as Don would say. I don’t mind having to refresh but I’d prefer not to have to restore. I also have a complete set of black panels but I prefer not to have to dye them white.

So if you have something that fits the bill, please PM me. Thanks!

Not what you want to hear, but…I have a mis-matched set of black back panels you can have for the trouble of shipping them, if you get no other hits, Bill. One “std/decore”, one XR7…don’t ask, they followed me home, I swear.

Thanks, T3. I’ll keep that in mind.