Wanted 1968 XR7 driver

Looking for a 68 xr7 driver. prefer one that i can drive and fix up along the way, email is kevinwood495@yahoo.com

I have an 68 XR7 “S” code , 6.5 liter that drives well and looks great. Auto, PS, PB, original owers manual and warranty card. I’m looking to get 32K
Let me know if interested and I’ll forawrd photo’s etc/

thanks for the reply but a bit more than i need to spend at the moment. The one i had growing up was a s code , blue with a block top. thanks again and good luck selling.

That’s cazy, mine is dark blue with a black vinyl top

mine was crystal blue metallic, with dark blue interior. was a fun car in high school had a 2.73 rear gear would light the right rear up for several hundred feet. i put a 3.50 traction lock in it before i sold it. i hope the man took care of it i sold it to. won alot of trophy’s with that car, after me and my dad restored it maybe i will find one soon

There is a super clean 68 in Racine Wi on Face book market place

thanks i looked but didnt see it

I have a 67 XR7 with a 68 390 that runs and drives, and doesn’t look bad either.
See my add in the for sale section.