Wanted 67-68 Cougar S Code 390 4 speed

Check ebay

Why do they claim it to be an XR-7?

Its modified so ask for Marti or get it. It could be changed the way you like 390 4speed your half way there K Pony. Don’t know owner.

Here’s another on craig’s list

This green one is interesting with the black and red interior :thinking:

I had contacted the seller with the yellow one back in the summer and he decided to take it off the market… back on now

27,500 with 5hrs to go. K Pony lots of interest 15 bidders still reserve not met. Maybe north of 30. Got me watching too. Would change key stone mags and interior to all black. Asked for under carriage pics no response.

I’ve contacted the seller through ebay asking if they have a Marti report and had other questions… no response and I believe this is the same one that was on Craigslist awhile back and the seller couldn’t communicate either… definitely has gotten pricey with what needs to be changed… I gotta take into account the exchange rate on the Canadian dollar to American which is about 35% more I’d be adding to the price of the car

Reserve not met at $30,300… I noticed the one picture with the drivers door open that the VIN plate is missing and door latch has been painted over… I wonder if it’s really that nice in person.

Old school rule see it touch it drive it. No questions after that. Or pay someone to do it. The craig’s list ad more honest but would still have to see it. Exchange is tuff. Figure importing costs also. Ads up quick. Looked many years for Fe standard drivers. As Royce said they don’t come out often for sale. Good luck in the hunt.

And my search will continue…

The green 68 S code from Colorado was relisted for a ‘Buy it Now’ price of $42K and then was quickly deleted

It’s back on eBay with a ‘Buy it Now’ price of $42K

K Pony now you have to send someone to look. PM Cougar Bill he may be able to help. Not knocking price but one on craig’s better. Good luck in the hunt.

The yellow one has kind of a confusing description - “Built to a 427 (Stroke).” - What’s that supposed to mean?

I have one but it’s auto and a Project.

Cobra_Pat anymore details or pictures

XR-7 non GT Lime Frost exterior (white now) Ivy Gold buckets. Black vinyl roof, tilt away, console, in New Mexico.


Thanks Cobra_Pat that requires more more than I want to get into… thank you again