Wanted 67-68 Cougar S Code 390 4 speed

I’m looking for a 67 or 68 Cougar S code 390 4 speed car… must be a factory 4 speed, GT or XR7 GT… not looking for a restoration project but one that’s already restored or excellent clean original driver… let’s see what’s out there.

There is one currently on Facebook Marketplace. Here is a photo of the ad.

Thanks for the information but already has SALE PENDING as someone is coming this morning for it.

Thanks for the heads up but that Cougar has SOLD

Checking in to see if anyone has what I posted and looking for?

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Have not seen the car but kudos to the seller for making a very good presentation. One of the best advertisements I have read.

Cougar does look nice and the ad describes the car pretty good… I’ve sent a email to the seller.

Hope it works out for you…glad I could help.

Ad has been deleted, I’m assuming it Sold


Ad have been deleted

This car was on Facebook for $20k

When the seller had it on Craigslist they were asking $9K… people told him the price was too cheap and then the price changed to $20K

Still looking for a 67 or a 68 S code GT or XR7 GT factory 4 speed car

Still looking for a 67 or a 68 S code GT or XR7 GT factory 4 speed car