Wanted: 69/70 3-hump console lid

I’m looking for a grade-A, black 3-hump console lid for 69/70 model. Needs to be in great, near NOS condition.

Adrian Jacobs

I know what it is like when looking for perfect or near-NOS parts to be used in a restoration, so this console lid would be a highly visible and therefore critical part in that kind of project. There aren’t a lot of these lids ‘out there’ ( granted eBay isn’t exactly representative of the entire ‘supply’ of this component ), but here it goes ( first is a used one and second is a, I’m assuming here - a reproduction ):

Good luck in the ‘quest’ - " I’ve been there, done that ! "
Here’s some parts numbers for “DOOR ( console glove compartment )” Who would have ever thought there would be so many variations - pleated vs. non-pleated, and positive catch vs. magnetic and then all the color permutations ! ) :slight_smile:
1969 ( “pleated” ) C9WY-6506024-B1B (Blue ), B1A ( Black ), D1G ( Ivy Gold ) and B1D ( Red ) and in 1970 ( with Magnetic Catch ) D0WY-D ( Black ), F ( Ginger ), A ( Green ), and E ( Red ). There was also, in 1970 a positive catch version p/n suffix K ( Black ) and G ( Green - from 12 / 1 / 69 )

Have you checked West Coast Classic Cougars? They’re showing A and B used ones and a repro.

Thanks for the leads. I nabbed the one that WCCC had.