Wanting to buy a 67/68 Cougar Base Level for around $15k

I can finally start looking for my dream car, a 67 or 68 Cougar. I’m hoping to find a rust free (yeah, I know, but I can dream) running, driving car. I’d like it to be a base model, 289/302, C4, etc. I like to tinker, but it needs to already be a safe, reliable, car. The price range is around $15k. It needs to be in California. Any help finding my dream car would be appreciated. Thanks!


You should consider expanding your search to include Arizona and Nevada. You will find more rust free examples and lower prices

I wish I could, but I’ve been given that limitation.

here is Facebook Marketplace listing. Note that it appears to have been listed for 11 weeks. Decent looking, based on Ad.

I’ve sent them a message and never heard back.


Sent you a message.

I’m looking for a 289/302 that’s more of a driver than a build. I don’t have a shop, so I’m limited on what I can work on. That would be a really cool one to build, tho. Good luck with the sale!

Mine is a driver

Message me with contact info

Possible scammer

New member

He replied to my private message request.

Wants to know if I would pay for appraisal for his loan to buy car!

I’m not a scammer. I’d pay for the appraisal. I was asking if you would be able to. The pictures of your car show it doesn’t have an engine in it, and your ad says it’s wrapped up.

You’re looking at the wrong at the car then.


You’re absolutely correct! Thank you for the link to your car. As you mentioned in my WTB ad, I’m new to the site, and looked at the wrong car. I was looking at a basket case in Stockton. You have a nice car. As I mentioned before, I’m pre-approved for a loan for a Cougar. Part of those limitations are it needs to have an appraisal (which I would pay for, of course), and it be located in California. Are you still in Nevada? If so, I would not be able to buy your car. I called your number last night, so you now have my number, if you choose to call. Thanks.

Sorry you were looking at the wrong ad

Check my profile for pics and previous postings for info

I’m not in a hurry to sell.

You may be legit. But lots of scammers out there.

Tell your story here and why you want one? Establish some credibility.

Any sale will be cash.

Thanks, I’ll do that. What are you asking for yours?

Is there a welcome or intro page? I’m having a hard time navigating the site.

ive got a 67 for 23k in NM. re-honed vin matching engine.

Hi Jacob. You’ve seen my limitations regarding my loan. I am approved for up to 23k, but there would be the hoops to jump thru for the loan. It could be a hassle for you.

got ya my apologies. I’m new to this forum and hadn’t read the comments under thee post until after I responded