WCCC '67 Cougar GT Giveaway - Official Thread

1967 Mercury Cougar GT 390-4V 4-Speed Giveaway Contest - Official Thread

It’s time to kick off this year’s Cougar giveaway contest! Last year we gave away a 1970 Eliminator, and this year we’re giving away a 1967 Mercury Cougar GT. More specific info about the car will be posted soon. This is definitely a project car, and the winner will have a lot of work ahead of them. But we couldn’t stand to send this unique car to the crusher, so we decided to give it away for free!

How do I enter?

To win the car, you need to write an essay (or make a video if you want) and submit it to this thread. The purpose of your essay is to convince us and the Cougar community as to why you are the most deserving and qualified person to bring this car back to life. Deserving in the sense that this car will actually mean something to you, and qualified in the sense that you have the skills and resources to restore a car, or at least the drive to work hard and learn as you go. It doesn’t matter to us if you restore it its factory-original state, or if you turn it into a wild restomod. All we care about it that it gets into the right hands. In your essay, it’s a good idea to talk about what your plans for the car would be.
- The deadline for entry is July 4th, 2013.

How will the winner be determined?

The winner will be decided by a panel of 5 judges we’ve selected from among you, the Classic Cougar Community. They represent a wide range of Cougar owners and restorers, with an emphasis on the first-generation big-block Cougars. When selecting the winning essay, they will take into account their own experiences as well as the public’s opinion. All of this will take place here on the forum. Who are the judges, you may ask? They will be revealed soon, with more info about why they were chosen.
- The winner will be announced during the WCCC Open House event in August.

More Info - Watch the Video!

We made a short video to outline the basic contest rules and also to show what the car looks like. Check it out here!

We will soon be posting more details about the car, the judges, and any additional info that comes up or gets asked about. Good luck to everyone, and stay tuned for more updates!

Fine Print: One entry per household. No purchase necessary. Contest is not open to WCCC employees, family members, or suppliers, but is open to everyone else worldwide. Must be 10 years or older to enter. Winner must be tall enough to see over the dashboard. Entries must be submitted to this forum thread no later than 7/4/2013. Winner will be decided by the judge panel, which is subject to change. Winner to be announced by August 15, 2013. Winner is responsible for transport, licensing, fees and taxes where applicable. Car must be picked up within 365 days of contest ending. WCCC is not responsible for theft, damage, injury, pestilence, or acts of God while the car is in our possession. Side effects may include obsessive compulsive disorder, divorce, financial ruin, chronic bloody knuckles, alcoholism, and diarrhea of the mouth. Consult your physician before entering.

LMAO, love the “fine print”…looks like a fun project.

I’m really diggin’ the red velour interior in the back!

I think I really deserve just the wheels…

More About The Car

I could either write a long paragraph about the original configuration and options the car came with, or I could just post the Marti Report. This pretty much says it all.

Notice how it was originally a two-tone paint car… Lime Frost body with a Polar White roof. That makes this pretty unique. (Not that the winner will have to paint it this way again!)
Also, as you saw in the video, there is no engine or transmission in the car. The winner will have to procure whatever drivetrain they desire.

A couple interior shots (notice the awesome red velvet back seat area… classy):

As far as the body is concerned, it’s pretty solid overall, with some rusty areas that are fixable. As you saw in the video, the left quarter panel has a rust hole near the front of the wheel arch, and the passenger side front floor pan has a big Flintstones-style rust hole and needs to be replaced. The driver’s side floor also has a smaller hole. The trunk floor and drop-offs are surprisingly solid, as are the bottoms of the quarter panels. There are some various dents and dings and scrapes here and there, but overall this is a very restorable car for an ambitious person.

That back seat is PIMP!

If someone speaks of the Pimpness, I give him/her extra points… :licka:

The incredible part about the fine print is that I have experienced 5 out of 6 of the side effects as a result of projects too. let’s see…

Alcoholism: Check
financial ruin (temporary but still) Check
OCD Check
bloody knuckles Check
Diahrrea of the mouth: I think we all know that’s a big fat Check :wink:

I wouldn’t have had it any other way…good luck to the next victi…err, winner!!


Let me say right up front that I have no desire whatsoever to win this car. Ok, I lied, sort of.
Actually the truth is I have no more room in any of my garages for another project car plus I already have a pretty nice 68 X code Cougar. It is a very solid car and about the only thing it needs is a new wrapper. It looks decent from 20 feet but I will eventually put a better paint job on her.
Seriously though this give away car looks like a good start for someone with a love of Cougars.
I bet whoever wins it will have it finished before the Gears crew finishes the V-8 Interceptor. Or maybe they already have? Who knows, all the Gears episodes that have been on lately are at least two years old.

Hi my name is Aaron Beason I would be perfect for this car i have never restored a car for myself but i have restored several for the garage i used to work at, including a 1968 Torino GT, a 1972 GMC pickup 4X4, and a 1936 Ford buisness coupe. I love old Ford and Mercury products. i have lots of parts i could use to restore this car with including a 5.0 and 5 speed that came out of a 1993 Cobra Mustang. My father and me parted out a 1967 cougar that was totaled a few years ago and i have lots of extra parts from it including doors with factory tint and all the factory tinted glass to match it. As you probably know this was an a/c option. And i have all the factory ac parts for the interior as well, most of the interior pieces except the front seats which we used in his 1964 &1/2 2+2 fastback that i helped him restore. I have extra trunk lids fenders 3 grills engine mounts, p/s setup and other micelanous parts as well, plus lots of late model fox body mustang parts i could use. I’ve been a mechanic for seventeen years. I started when i was a sophmore in high school and have a passion for mustangs and cougars. with this car i could finally put all the parts i’ve been collecting over the past 20 years to good use. I would like to keep the interior and exterior as original as possible with the late model 5.0 and 5 speed power train built to the gills, because a classic cougar should have alot of attitude. I have the ability to bring this car back to life and put it on the road as my daily driver. I would love to document every step of the process and share it with you as well. Like i said i have the ability, the tools, and the parts to get the job done right just need a good car to put them all to good use and this one looks to be perfect for me. thank you for the oppurtunity to win it.

hello my name is Kelsey Bradshaw I think I should win the 1967 Mercury Cougar GT because the 67’ Cougar is my Favorite car. Me and my dad both have Cougars my dads is a 68 and mine is a plain Jane 67 with a 289 that I plan on restomoding it our plan for the cougars is to have a build off and take them to car shows and let the people decide which one is the better build me and my dad have been restoring cars for around 9 years now and if I won this GT I would restore it back to factory specs because lets face it why would you want to mess up something that is already great? Mechanically wise now for the paint job I would have to go with a bright color to grab the attention this car deserves like a cheery red or Lime Green. You would have to put cherry bomb exhaust in it so you can hear her coming from a mile away. The suspension would have to be updated to raceing specs. I would love to win this Cougar but there is one down side if I do win I am currently stationed overseas in Japan I am in the US Navy and I would have to have this car delivered to my parents house were it would stay garaged till I return home to fix her up. That is why I think I deserve the 1967 Mercury Cougar GT. :thumbup:

Welcome Aaron and TinMan!

TWO entries already! Off to a great start!

Wow! You do sound like a great fit for this car, you even parted out a 67! I would add some pics to your submission of you and the cars you helped bring back to life, even a picture of the parts stash you have acquired would be helpful. You can modify your entry for several hours before the forum locks you out of editing capabilities so I would use spell check, brush up on the grammar and punctuation a little and give it your best shot as competition will be stiff. Here is a link from last year,it will give you an idea of what it takes to become a finalist. Thanks for having the guts to go first!

So any panel installation deals or body work deals like the Eliminator?? Hey whoever wins this I will throw in a correct color rear upper and lower rear seat that I have sitting in my shed for the last couple of years, all you do is pay the shipping or pick it up. It’s not perfect but no tears on the vinyl. I even have the rear panels and front door panels that may be in a little better shape to so who ever gets it needs to PM me.

Wait! I think I should enter for this as I have a great essay about why I had to sell the one in my sig and how I got it and the blood sweet and tears (ok a lot of tears) that I put into it.

Oh wait I just read the disclaimer and it says you can’t be broke. :cry:

I would LOVE a chance to grt my hands on a big block 4 spd car !!!
can you deliver it to me when i get to the new house in nashville!
Thanks Don

Very nice video! I can’t wait to see what happens. This will be fun. I was just wondering when this was going to finally happen. Good luck to everyone who participates…I have too many projects, I am already out and not even going to bother entering…I know I will take way too long to get to this car on my list. Thank you WCCC for putting this event on!

Perfect! That is the spirit. If anyone else feels like we at WCCC do and just want this poor cat rescued feel free to mention what you will donate to the cause! Anyone have a core 390 or related parts?

Yup… Anyone with a signature line that includes more than 10 cars they got laying around for free or under $500 gets automatically disqualified unless they have an equal amount of cars they have completed. If you are thinking I just made that up you would be correct, LOL! Actually I have zero say in who gets it, that is entirely up to the forum members here.

Lime Frost and Ivy Gold? 1967? Big block FE 4 speed? Who wouldn’t want this car?

I’m 55 years old and have owned only 7 cars in my lifetime*. I still own #1, #6, and # 7.
You do the math; cars are not possessions, they are part of my family.
None of them were luxury cars, it’s time to upgrade to a Cougar!

I just finished restoring the first car I ever bought, and I need a new project.
Lime Frost and Ivy Green? Really? That’s rare and needs to be preserved. I’m not kidding!

This FE powered Mercury needs to be put back into showroom condition. Can I be the one to do it? I think I can!

Whoever gets this car, do it well and enjoy it! They don’t make cars like this any more.

*1969 Mustang Convertible
1967 Country Squire 390
1982 EXP
1988 Ranger
1994 Ranger
1996 Jeep Cherokee
2010 Mercury Mariner (Yes! The last of the Mercurys!)

I have a good 1967-ish 390 core hanging out in the garage I’d donate. Was actually a good runner, but I stole the GT heads and bolted a standard set on to keep it closed. An RPM intake and some funky high-rise-ish valve covers complete the picture. The catch is, it can’t be raining when it’s picked up, and it’s U-Haul. But it’s near Albany/Lebanon, Oregon, so it’s just a quick jaunt down the freeway from you.

Would like to have, could use the parts, including the main body. I have a 67 cougar, and it has has too many wrecks. It looks and runs great but it really could use a straight frame. Figured take the best of both and remake them into one. Not a problem for shipping as I am Portland.