WCCC Actuator Reconditioning Video

While my son was home from college for Christmas break we decided to attempt a how to video. It’s his first stab at such a video as this so it’s not as polished as what you may be used to but I’m pretty proud of him for what he was able to accomplish in a short time.


Another very informative video, Don! So it sounds like Flexseal to seal the internal bellows didn’t buy you much?

A member here tried it with limited success, I applied some but it will be months before I can say it held. Reality is we have plenty of cores as many have converted to electric and turned in their cores. Keep in mind we have a repro coming out soon for the 67-8 vacuum actuator.

Thank you all, your comments are really helpful. I will follow up and let you know how it goes.

I’m glad you have plenty of cores because when I took mine out today I snapped off one of the mounting studs. I ordered one of your reworked ones tonight. You’ll end up keeping the core charge.