WCCC Boss 302 Eliminator Video

Thank you Don, Andrew and Dave for making the Boss 302 Eliminator video!! WOW!! So much detail! This is awesome!

Thanks for saying so! My assumption is there are only about 30 folks on planet earth that could endure the entire video. Not surprised that you would be on of the enthusiastic few!

All I can say is that it is on my “to do” list. So much want to watch it! Going to have to split it up into several sittings though :frowning:

Thanks Don, Andrew, Dave, and WCCC gang!

Challenge accepted Don.

Thanks guys! This was a little daunting to put together because it was so long and filled with minute details, but I found myself unable to cut very much out because I knew the information would useful and interesting to some. Still, I’m a little surprised at all the positive feedback! I like Don’s comment in the video about how some people have nothing better to do with their lives than obsess over zip ties :laughing:

What surprised Andrew and I were the stats on youtube. 30% of viewers thus far made it to the 20 minute mark and 15% made it to the end in one sitting. I am not even one of those! It took me 5 sessions to complete. We were thinking maybe 15% would make it to the 10 minute mark considering how few BOSS owners there are. Getting 30% of viewers to make it 2 minutes into a 6 minute video can be hard to achieve on youtube. You guys are hard core!

In the video you talk about the 15" steel wheels on the 3.91 car. Do those fit any other model of cars? I have two of those wheels with the 9MG date.

You could have got them on a BOSS Mustang 302 or 429 with poverty caps and rings. The rings are GOLD!


The video showed the C7OA rings. What are they in that link?

Side note I just traded a set of NOS C7OA rings for a set of NOS C6ZZ rings this weekend for my “new” 1966 Mustang convertible project. :slight_smile: