WCM's 1970 Cougar Build

hi all! new member here. just thought id show off my little project. plan on making it a fun street car, its just a base model 1970 cougar that came with a 351w and FMX trans. got the car as a roller with no motor for $600. its not going to be a show car by any means, but still gunna look nice. and fast enough to smoke some chevys :laughing:

as of right now, the motor im using is a roller 302 HO out of my 1989 mustang. tore down to bare block, and started building!


freshened up 302 block
ported and polished GT40P heads with 3 angle valve job
COMP cams dual valve springs
ford racing (crane) e303 cam
proform 1.6 roller rockers
edelbrock performer RPM intake
holley 4 barrel 600cfm carb (TEMP)
1in carb spacer
ford racing roller lifters
double roller timing chain
spectere oil pan
trickflow underdrive pulleys
summit racing valve covers
MSD cap and rotor
flowtech longtubes
speedpro forged pistons
along with new rings, bearings, seals, gaskets, oil pump, and other misc parts

stay tuned! more build pics are on there way!

the day i got it:

sorry for the one pic. i will add alot more tomorrow!

Heres some motor shots:

Welcome, can’t wait to see more pictures.


Yes, welcome.

Looking forward to future updates.

Sounds like a fun project. Good luck!

Welcome aboard!

Building a show car is not that important, smoke some Chevy’s is. :ylsuper:


thanks everybody!

will post some more pics when i get a chance. so far motor and trans is in, driveshaft, most of the wiring and fuel pump is done. made some tranny lines and mounted a B&M cooler. all i need to do to fire it up is to get my radiator, hoses and tune the carb.

pics and vid coming soon!

Smoking em is a lot more fun than showing em, Welcome, what tranny are you going to use?

Nice, beautiful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful…Oh and welcome! Nothin’ prettier than a freshly milled and painted block!

for now im just using the FMX that came with it. after i get it all driveable, then ill be looking for a 4 speed or a t5.

thanks! and yea looked so good as a bare block!

hell yea!

and thanks!

and thanks everybody else!

quick update…

motor is in, ran into a dipstick problem, but got that sorted out, all wired and hooked up, drivetrain done fuel system done with a electric pump, transmission lines mounted, all i need to do now is mount my radiator and tune the carb.

heres some pics.

edit: more pics soon, computer wont let me upload them…


motors in, all hook up, runs great, but the FMX doenst, so i picked up a t10 4 speed and right now thats what im working on. pics soon.